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Top 5 Celebrity iPhone Case Designs

Top 5 Celebrity iPhone Case Designs

Dylan Baxter |

With the recent revelation that cinematic legend, Al Pacino, is the proud owner of a Shrek iPhone case, we are counting down the top 5 iPhone cases owned by celebrities. 

5. Victoria Beckham - Personalised White & Black Letters iPhone Case

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Stylish, simplistic and sophisticated, the personalised White & Black Letters case is a favourite of fashion icon Victoria Beckham.

4. Joe Biden - US Presidential Seal 


Is this the world's most secure iPhone case? We still think our Impact cases offer more protection but this may just be a close second! President Joe Biden was recently spotted stepping off Marine One with a custom iPhone case with a gold presidential seal print.

3. Phoebe Dynover - Abstract Faces iPhone Case

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Star of Netflix hit series Bridgerton, Pheobe Dynevor is right at the very fore front of the fashion world. Matching her stylish and modern style, this abstract faces iPhone case is the perfect companion to any outfit!

2. Kylie Jenner - Black & White Marble iPhone Case


Without question one of the world's biggest media personalities and business women, Kylie Jenner is a trend setter for everything from fashion to pop culture. The black marble iPhone case gives all the glam needed to make a star of Kylie's influence shine even brighter.

 1. Al Pacino - Shrek Phone Case


 One of the greatest actors of all time, Al Pacino is well known for playing intimidating, powerful characters like Michael Corleone in the iconic god father movies. However, Pacino has been hitting the headlines for a bit of a different reason recently. He was spotted at a restaurant with what many believe to be a Shrek iPhone case!