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Blanc Space CleanCase®

Our most advanced case, ever.

Personalised Abstract Faces Impact Phone Case for iPhone 13 Pro & 13 Pro Max

Absorb the future, today.

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Imagine a world where there are no limits, no boundaries, where anything is possible. At Blanc Space, we don't just imagine this world - we live in it.

Introducing our ground breaking Blanc Space CleanCaseⓇ.

The world renowned designers in our California design studio have crafted the most beautiful product that is truly unique. Our engineers have diamond cut our proprietary sponge technology to <0.1 mm accuracy to which creates a product that is truly revolutionary.

Our time is more precious than ever - we don't have a minute to lose. Wash the dishes whilst watching your favourite show. Clean a spill whilst catching up on what is going on in the world. Live a new, truly productive life.

And with our built in Bouncy-fyⓇ technology, if you drop your phone, there is no IMPACT or ULTRA IMPACT protection needed. Your phone will simply bounce gently, ready for you to pick back up or even clean the floor - it really is that versatile.

This is the best phone case ever created. Absorb the future, today.

never miss a moment

BE entertained while you clean

With CleanCaseⓇ there's no need to choose between entertainment and productivity. Catchup on your favourite Netflix series whilst you do the dishes or watch your favourite YouTuber whilst cleaning a spill.

Have a bet of on sports match? Movie getting to a good part? Use CleanCaseⓇ and never miss a moment!

The very best absorbsion, the very best protection

  • Ultra absorbent - holds 2 litres of liquid
  • Absorbs any liquid including water, honey and oil
  • Deal with mess & spills quickly and easily
  • 20ft drop protection
  • Easily fits in your pocket - take it on the go

The science

Created by our expert engineers, our technology carefully designed and rigourously tested to provide the very best durability and performance.

We've created this case with longevity in mind, with our sponge material scoring 99/100 on the absorbtion scale over a lifetime of 10 years.